Get Kube!

Try the latest and greatest from the Kube team.

For Linux

Flatpak is the recommended way to try the latest version of Kube:

flatpak -y --user install --from
flatpak run com.kubeproject.kube

For Mac OS

A nightly updated Mac OS image is available. Requires Mac OS Mavericks (10.9) or later.

Other sources

Kube is available for a variety of distributions.

Kube for Kolab Now

Kube for Kolab Now offers you the simplest setup possible for Kolab Now users. Enter your credentials, done. Please note that Kube is not yet officially supported so your mileage may vary.

  • Install the Kolab Now edition (Kolab Now exclusive) with the Kolab Now flatpak
    flatpak -y --user install --from
    flatpak run com.kolabnow.kube
  • Kolab Now Mac OS image