Get Kube!

Try the latest and greatest from the Kube team.

For Linux

Flatpak is recommended way to try the latest version of Kube:

flatpak -y --user install --from
flatpak run com.kubeproject.kube

For Mac OS

A nightly updated Mac OS image is available. Requires Mac OS Mavericks (10.9) or later.

Other sources

Kube is available for a variety of distributions.

  • Flatpak based on the KDE runtime, periodically updated from the develop branch.:
    flatpak -y --user install --from
    flatpak run org.kde.kube
  • Archlinux:
    pacman -S kube
  • Gentoo:
    emerge -qa kube
  • NIXOS overlay
  • Fedora Copr Repository

Kube for Kolab Now

Kube for Kolab Now offers you the simplest setup possible for Kolab Now users. Enter your credentials, done.

  • Install the Kolab Now edition (Kolab Now exclusive) with the Kolab Now flatpak:
    flatpak -y --user install --from
    flatpak run com.kolabnow.kube
  • Kolab Now Mac OS image